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A multimedia “show and tell” extravaganza!


Well this is it! The Philosophy Society’s Gender discussion event.

Do you have an opinion on gender in the 21st century?

  • Do we have equality between all genders?
  • Is gender biological or sociological?
  • Does the traditional gender binary make sense to you (i.e. the only genders are man and woman)?
  • Are gender roles outdated? Superfluous? Necessary?
  • How relevant is gender for parenting? Career? Leadership? Romance?
  • Can you be a housewife and still be a good feminist?
  • Can you be a househusband without being stripped of your masculinity?

Come along and bring a short video, poem, song, article, picture etc to prompt discussion about gender and gender roles in the 21st Century.

We’ll have the outdoor cinema set up in the Derkenne Courtyard to show any short videos you bring along.

WHEN: Thursday, 18th September, 6-9pm

WHERE: Derkenne Courtyard / GT Bar

Dinner and soft drinks are provided free for members – $2 on the night to sign-up.

No assumed knowledge.
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Fusion 2014

Fusion 2014


Many disciplines exploring one problem.

A cross pollination of ideas at the edge of understanding.

Part conference. Part festival. All for charity.

Fusion is a new, annual event brought to you by the UoN Philosophy Society; UoN Services and the University of Newcastle.

Some problems are too tricky, and too interesting, to try to solve on your own.

Each year, we will bring together many speakers from different disciplines and backgrounds to explore one topic in an entertaining and accessible forum, open to students and the general public; as well as academics and specialists in each area.

The event is fully catered. Price includes the whole day, plus morning teabuffet lunch and afternoon tea. You’ll be free to head off to class and return for the talks you’re keen on.

For more information, visit the official website or like the event on Facebook


Topic for 2014: Consciousness

Drawing on perspectives from Philosophy of Mind; Artificial Intelligence; Psychology, Meditative traditions and more…


Each year, we will select a charity that we feel is doing their part to solve related problems in a practical way.

Charity for 2014: Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation

All proceeds will go to the Newcastle branch of Headspace, for their suicide response initiative.

Brought to you by the UoN Philosophy Society.

Proudly sponsored by the University of Newcastle and UoN Services.

End of Exams Social Event + AGM 2.0

End of Exams Social Event + AGM 2.0


Free BBQ!

No set topics.

Some monsterism.


Hello everybody!

So some mixed news: 

1. Apparently our AGM that we hosted a couple of weeks ago wasn’t valid because we didn’t change the quorum in the constitution and thus didn’t have enough people to attend. So we have to have another one and we have no funding as a club until we do. This isn’t terrible news because AGMs are super quick, we have enough cash to put together a great event anyway and it gives us a good excuse to get together again.

2. We’re going to combine AGM 2.0 with our End of Exams Social Event. We’ll be doing a free BBQ dinner (including something for our vegetarians/vegans), homemade baked goods and (hopefully) free soft drinks for members too.

So come and join us! We’ll vote quickly on the proposed changes to the Constitution (have a look at your emails, we sent out notice and details last week – basically changing quorum to 14 people), usher in our new executive and then party the evening away. No set topic this time around – this is just a good opportunity to sit and unwind after exams with some good conversation, board games and great company.

If you like to cook or bake and you’d like to contribute something to dinner or dessert, please post on the wall below.

We need a minimum of 14 people to come (though we expect many more of course) in order to have a valid AGM, and we need to have the valid AGM to keep providing you with great events. So come along and bring your friends!

($2 to sign-up on the night for free dinner and dessert.)

Ethics in the Near Future – Round-table

Ethics in the Near Future – Round-table

WHEN: 5:30-9pm, Friday 30th May

WHERE: The Clubhouse, under The Bar on the Hill, Callaghan Campus.


Hello everybody!

Our second major event of the year is almost upon us!

Before I tell you about the exciting stuff I do need to say that this event is also our Annual General Meeting where we will VERY QUICKLY vote in the new executive and review our Constitution for our new members. We expect the AGM side of things to take less than 15mins.

Now onto the exciting stuff: Come and join us for what is sure to be a riveting round table discussion on the topic “Ethics in the Near Future”. We’ll be discussing a couple of popular ethical systems and applying them to 21st century dilemmas like Internet piracy, Cyber-bullying and Internet privacy. The aim is to figure out whether current philosophical ethical systems can adequately guide behaviour in the 21st century, or whether we need a new ethical system for the Internet and Technology Age.

If you want to learn more about current ethical systems and wax-philosophical about ethics in the future while eating free yummy food and talking with interesting people then this is the event for you! As usual, we will be catering for our vegan brethren and handing out free soft-drinks for all. So come along and bring your friends!

$2 to join on the night for non-members.