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Free BBQ!

No set topics.

Some monsterism.


Hello everybody!

So some mixed news: 

1. Apparently our AGM that we hosted a couple of weeks ago wasn’t valid because we didn’t change the quorum in the constitution and thus didn’t have enough people to attend. So we have to have another one and we have no funding as a club until we do. This isn’t terrible news because AGMs are super quick, we have enough cash to put together a great event anyway and it gives us a good excuse to get together again.

2. We’re going to combine AGM 2.0 with our End of Exams Social Event. We’ll be doing a free BBQ dinner (including something for our vegetarians/vegans), homemade baked goods and (hopefully) free soft drinks for members too.

So come and join us! We’ll vote quickly on the proposed changes to the Constitution (have a look at your emails, we sent out notice and details last week – basically changing quorum to 14 people), usher in our new executive and then party the evening away. No set topic this time around – this is just a good opportunity to sit and unwind after exams with some good conversation, board games and great company.

If you like to cook or bake and you’d like to contribute something to dinner or dessert, please post on the wall below.

We need a minimum of 14 people to come (though we expect many more of course) in order to have a valid AGM, and we need to have the valid AGM to keep providing you with great events. So come along and bring your friends!

($2 to sign-up on the night for free dinner and dessert.)