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WHEN: 5:30-9pm, Friday 30th May

WHERE: The Clubhouse, under The Bar on the Hill, Callaghan Campus.


Hello everybody!

Our second major event of the year is almost upon us!

Before I tell you about the exciting stuff I do need to say that this event is also our Annual General Meeting where we will VERY QUICKLY vote in the new executive and review our Constitution for our new members. We expect the AGM side of things to take less than 15mins.

Now onto the exciting stuff: Come and join us for what is sure to be a riveting round table discussion on the topic “Ethics in the Near Future”. We’ll be discussing a couple of popular ethical systems and applying them to 21st century dilemmas like Internet piracy, Cyber-bullying and Internet privacy. The aim is to figure out whether current philosophical ethical systems can adequately guide behaviour in the 21st century, or whether we need a new ethical system for the Internet and Technology Age.

If you want to learn more about current ethical systems and wax-philosophical about ethics in the future while eating free yummy food and talking with interesting people then this is the event for you! As usual, we will be catering for our vegan brethren and handing out free soft-drinks for all. So come along and bring your friends!

$2 to join on the night for non-members.